Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost and Found !!!!

On that enchanting evening,
When the night was sailing,

To make its way enjoying,

To take away the light and scaring.

Drops of waves soothed my hand,

As I sat, a thousand thoughts graving my mind,

Longing to be touched and embraced,

After all that’s been taken away.

Lone with the burdens,

Shackled and tormented,

Grieved and derided,

Misery my friend and peace my foe.

Tossed a bottle of gin,

Which with much difficulty,

Had tried to accompany,

But unable to smear the dainty worry.

A sudden touch gripped me,

Astounded and bewildered I turned,

To watch and perceive,

She sat beside me and laid me on her lap,

Solace and Silence she appeased me.

No place on this earth,

No touch could replace,

No warmth could inebriate,

It was my mother so meek and humble,

So angelic and blissful.

She held my hand and walked along,

Embraced me and held me close,

And in an instant chased me fears,

O ‘ mother thou art my angel,

Thou art my refuge when the day’s gone.


A small tribute to every mother who makes our life so wonderful. Happy mother’s day !!!