A Brief Hello

In the first year of my teens, I had written a poem for my dad on Father's day. I had written it on a white chart paper and stuck a photo of me and my dad alongside it. The poem was an instant hit. 

Ever since, I have loved writing. I feel it comes naturally to me. I can express my feeling better when I put them down in words. As a kid, my parents would take me and my brother for a holiday every year. Travelling fascinated me and on every travel I made it a point to pen down small notes about the travel. 

During the first year of my life in the Hostel, I started blogging right here at Whispers in the Wind. Blogging gave me the confidence to write a full length novel (Psychological Thriller) which is slated for release on the 7th of February, 2015. 

On my blog, you will find me writing Short Stories, Poetry, Travellogues and anything through which I can connect with my reader. 

An Author, A positive thinker, Traveller and someone who believes in the power of Acceptance, feel free to connect with me on my facebook page: Cynthia Vincent Daniel

You can buy my first book online at Amazon.

That was during my recent travel to Goa

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