Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Operation Con-Narco

This post is inspired by the contest, "100 words on Saturday" at Write Tribe

The topic is, "I knew it was my last day there". I managed to weave a story of 100 words that includes the above line. 

Operation Con-Narco

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Colossal amount of time had passed since I was sent to the enemy land for an imperative mission. Operation Con-Narco was devised to gather information on the barbiturates that were administered to the soldiers of our country to reveal furtive information. Delegated on this mission a month back, I seduced the doctor who was vitally responsible for the research of the drug. With the chemical equation in front of me, I heaved a sigh of relief as I transferred the information on a secured mail. Seconds later I heard the door open, I knew it was my last day there.   


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