Monday, July 22, 2013

On her wedding !!

It was a rainy evening,
The mighty clouds thundering,
The window panes shuddering,
And her heart inversely beating.

T'was the day of her wedding,
With eyes moist and gleaming,
She stood near the window staring,
A letter which said NO, in her hand holding.

He was never there,
And she was left to be nowhere,
With promises to keep,
A long life to leap.

In the thuds of the droplets,
That hit her window's glasses,
She hid her sobs and tears,
Reminiscing those blissful moments.

He was gone forever,
She was meant for another,
What remained were just a few glimpses,
Of the times that passed in smiles,
She hopelessly stood waiting,
Decked in a white gown shimmering,
Thinking he would come at the door standing,
 On that rainy evening. 

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