Friday, May 4, 2012

Where is your partner #@%#@%

“Lieben” – “Do you know what this means?” mentioned my german language tutor.
It was my second german class and like every enthusiastic teenager learning something, I had found the meaning of “Lieben”. (Using the google translator I had gone through a few words before class wanting to be more abreast than the others  :D). Hearing the word from my tutor the veins in my brain started to go to that part where I had stored the meaning of “Leiben”.  “Lieben” means “love”. (We were learning verbs that day at class.) My tutor went on to ask, “What happens after you fall in love?”

“Proposal” “Express the love” “Emotions flow”, were the mixed answers from the students.  Playing with the pen in my hand I was wondering what my tutor was expecting. (Was he expecting us to say “A thousand violins start playing”!!!)

“Verloben”, my tutor took the marker from the desk and wrote “Engagement” next to it. “Engagement comes after falling in love right?” exclaimed my tutor. (Eyebrows increased I realized “Oh my! So my tutor was being so genuine”)
He went on to explain that “Heiraten” meant marriage and “Gescheiden” meant divorce.

My very sincere friend ( in his late thirties)  who had been listening all along looked puzzled and asked a question, “Sir, what do you say for “Where is your partner?” in German”. Obviously all of us including the tutor were confused and bewildered. ( I was wondering, “Does he want to ask, Where is your Wife/Husband?”)

Ravi went on to explain, {“Actually sir, I am being specific on asking you to translate, “Where is your partner? “into German. It so happened that I was in a meeting with my clients and there was this young client Gibbs. We shared a conversation and this is how it flowed”

Ravi: Hey Mr. Gibbs, how have you been? The deal was quite a fair one and will bring a lotta profit to both the organizations.

Gibbs: Yeah Mr. Ravi, I am glad  !!!(He spoke in that stylish American accent twisting his tongue)
(“I remember somebody telling me that Mr. Gibbs’s wife worked with the same firm and as a sheer gesture I went on to enquire about her.”)

Ravi: Where is your wife, Gibbs? I can’t see her around.

Gibbs: “Oh yea, He is on his way, caught up with some important work, I guess. He should be back any moment!. }

Ok we all sat thinking why did Ravi give us this explanation. Ok wait a minute, “Did he just say He to address his wife rather than a she!! #@%#@%” It took us few seconds to understand Ravi’s explanation. Oh my God!!! We were all baffled hearing it and the entire class burst out laughing.

While coming back from class I was wondering whether I should follow what Ravi had humored upon. And then I thought that I should blog about it and keep my dear readers warned about it. So next time you meet an American, think twice before asking about his spouse. Who knows you may land up into a fix just like Ravi: P 

Where is your Partner???!!!#@%#@%???

Lol .

I was laughing the whole way home.

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