Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aamchi PUNE

The charm of the Western Ghats
The Oxford of the east
The pinnacle of tradition and fashion
The metropolis of the Maratha Regime
The Land of the greatest ever Maratha warrior
Culmination of varied cultures and food
Legacy of historical events
Epicenter of classical music and theatre
A Gamma-global City
Synergy of arts, science, technology and theatre
2nd best city to live in India (According to the Times of India survey)
Host to people all over India
Well that is the city I love, My city Pune ,Aamchi Pune

There are some places that are very special to you, where you have wonderful memories that make you reminisce. It may be the place you were born, the place where you would holiday, the place where your grandparents stayed or the place where you spent your childhood. For me there is a place that I hold very dear to my heart and the place that I miss every minute, the place where I spent 9 years of my life, “PUNE”. And although I am only working here in Chennai I always prefer myself to be called, “A Punekar”.
                There is something in the air of Pune that whn I go there to spend some time wint my family I feel I am in heaven. For me Pune is my “Jannat”. I get to go back to Pune once in 3-4 months , but there are a lot of things that I would never miss.
If you would have followed my blog post ) then you would have guessed my love for one famous dish that I love. Yes!!! You got it right. Am talking about Vada pav. You get mouthwatering vada pav’s at the JJ Garden vada pav wala in camp and also theJoshi vada pav vendor near Fathima Nagar.
On the same lines of food, the day I land in Pune this is what I do.
“Hey Nitu, what’s up? Free kab hai yaar?” I pick up my phone to ask Nitha if she is free.
“Hey Cynthia, awesome you’re back? I’m free yaar. Bataa kya karna hai?”
“Chalein Pani poori khane?”
And immediately in a day or two we would be found in our adda which is none other than the Hanuman Mandir Pani poori wala. He opens his shop at 4 in the evening and the aroma of his pani pooris will pull you from quite a distance.
MG road is one place where I generally love to shop as well as do window shopping with my friends. Street shopping is also my favorite when it comes to MG road or Laxmi road. Don’t fail to look for accessories in the roadside shop. Ekdum Sastha aani Masta. (Cheap and the best).Marzorin is one place where you get awesome spaghetti and milkshakes. Built in a British style, this place takes you back to the stone buildings that the Britishers had built.  
For people coming from larger cities, commuting is a chillax job and never a problem. Auto-rickshaws are pretty cheap and cater to the Aam Aadmi. You never have to travel for hours to reach any place. Being a small metropolis in area, it is very effortless to travel anywhere. And yes two of the most upcoming hangout places for youngsters recently has been Viman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar. Go out for a stroll in the evenings after 7 and you will get a feel the vibrant youth in the city.
 Rains are one of those seasons that bring with it the essence of piety and poetry. And rains can never be complete without a visit to the Mulshi dam and a few waterfalls on the ghats. When I remember the rains I can think of one incident that I always retrospect. It was the month of july in 2008 and the city was submerged in heavy rains. Raining like cats and dogs was phenomenon that was not so common in Pune. I was on my way back with my friend on a scooty. Hardly could we see anything in front of us. We waited at a signal and saw a bhutta fellow selling hot bhutta in that cold wintery night at 10.00 pm. My friend asked me, “Cynthia shall we try one?” I was reluctant because it had become quiet late. We took the scooty and raced off but both of us were not satisfied. The smell of hot bhutta had entered my brain now and I so badly wanted to taste it. We took a U turn in the next signal and went back to relish the tasty Bhutta (fried corn) with mirchi powder and salt. Oh my the taste still lingers in my mouth!! Guess I should plan my next trip to Pune during the rainy season. What say!!!
Pune has a huge culture that is determinate in its own way. The history of the Maratha rule still encompasses the city with its aura. It won’t take much time for any first time visitor to inundate the rich tradition that the city has to offer.
 Pune is surrounded by a number of hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala, Panchgani, Mahableshwar and MatheranHow can I forget the strawberries and mulberries that you enjoy in these hill stations? The summer is just an excuse to visit the fascinating hills and get mesmerized in its exquisite beauty. These places are the main tourist attractions throughout the year.
“An evening walk in the ‘Z’ bridge”, It has been quite some time since I have been to the ‘Z’ bridge near Deccan, but I would not be doing justice to this post if I haven’t mentioned this place. This bridge plays a host to a lot of people who come with friends and provides a space where you can build memories that can’t be forgotten.
A long walk on one of the lanes of Koregaon Park with trees hovering you on both sides is something that gives you tranquility and peace even in the peak hours of the day.   
 Pune University and Pashan are two areas where you will get to see most of the biological plants available. A ride down these two areas will leave you spellbound. While talking about Pashan I remember one drive that is unforgettable. I had to attend an interview in Pashan and had to cross Loyola High School. I faintly remember crossing that place earlier but this time I had a slow ride as I was on my bike and I must say it was the best drive ever. The stretch from Loyola’s to the Pashan Chowk leave you speechless. You will wonder how can the road be so peaceful with trees around and dew falling from the leaves. Wow I am missing it all !!
I remember when I was studying in Vidya bhavan Jr. college many of my maharashtrian friends would love the South Indian dosas that you get inVaishali restaurant at F.C Road. And a pune college goer would be incomplete if he hasn’t visited Vaishali ever.
The climate is considered to be the main reason why a number of people wish to settle down in Pune. It has an awesome climate throughout the year.
Pune has a little slow life as compared to Mumbai or Chennai, yet it has a magnet that will always pull you to live your life in leisure and peace
 Recent increase in population may make a few people disagree with me on the fact that Pune is less crowded. However, I would still say that even amidst the crowd and euphoria there are some places that are quiet and offer you the peace of mind that you look for in your busy lives. There may be some other facts too that may undermine my view of Pune. But whatever be it, I am a true Punekar and will always be the die hard fan of Pune.
So for all those who are thinking of visiting this place, don’t think twice, because once you go there you may not want to come back. No one knows you may fall so much in love with the city just like I do. Oh I have gone back to dreaming about Pune. (the food, the climate, the culture, the essence and the aura!!!) I just resumed work a month back after my trip to Pune and I think I should start looking for tickets for another trip to the place which is my home and the place which has a magical power to keep attracting me.