Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wounds from the grave - Part 2

"What's in your hand Alina?" John enquired.

Alina tried to adjust her kurta while she crushed the paper within her fingers. "Oh this paper!!" she smiled and tried to get into the house. "It was just some flier, Johny. I think some salesman must have left it here."

She walked past him to avoid him.
"Alina, are you trying to hide something from me?" Alina stopped and turned to John

"Me!!! No John. Why would i hide something from you? Infact what is there to hide from you", She went close to him and tried to look into his eyes to make him believe her.

"Don't look into my eyes and lie Alina. We have been married for 2 years and I can very well figure out if u lie or if you speak the truth!! Damn it !!!" He turned away from her and banged the table that was next to her.

She was startled for a second. "If i don't open up to John now it would be late" she murmured to herself.
He turned towards her, his eyes red with anger. "Alina, I have figured out everything. It's better you speak up before I make assumptions. "

"John", her voice started to choke as he spoke. "John somebody has been stalking me lately". She started to tell him everything from what happened at the mall till the letter she crushed. 

"So much has happened Alina and you are telling me all this so late", he held her shoulders and questioned,"What if something would have happened to you? I can't even imagine Alina"

He continued, "Tell me Alina, is there anything else that you have hidden. Am sure this stalker knows you. Is he your ex- lover or someone? Tell me Alina. Why are you quiet? Damn it!!!"

He left her crying and walked out of the house without giving her a chance to speak.

Alina sat alone in the dining room sobbing. She was caught in her thoughts. She struggled to contact John. She cursed herself for hiding everything from John. "I wish i had told him everything. He wouldn't have suspected me. Everything is my mistake." She spoke to herself.

She sat in the sofa looking at the clock. It struck 10.00 PM and there was no news about John. He had been out since 7.30 in the evening. She had tried calling him but his mobile was not reachable. She tried to call his friends to see if he was at their place. But it was all a waste of time.
"I will take care of her. You don't have to worry", John remembered the words he had spoken to Alina's father when they were married and he had been true to these words. There had never been a day when he had left her alone. "How could she have hidden this from me?" He kept questioning himself. "Have I no been a good husband to her"

He had no track of where he was walking. Lost in his thoughts and in her's he just kept walking. He tried to cross the road. Without looking on both the sides, he started crossing the road when a truck crossed in full speed honking loudly. Whooooooosh !!!!

 It was a narrow escape and thanks to the person who had caught John's hands and saved him from going under the wheels of the truck.

"Hello Mr. Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?" The good samaritan who had just saved him asked him. 
John who was still not able to come out of the shock was trying his best to speak. "I.... I ...." he muttered. "Thank you so much Sir." He tried to let out words..
"I was just lost in some thoughts. Thank you very much for saving my life" John smiled.
"You are lucky that I saved you today. You can't get lucky always. You got to watch the road and walk man." The man cautioned John.
John said he would be safe and took a taxi home. He didn't speak a word to Alina and slept on an empty stomach.

Alina got up the next morning to see that John had already left for work. John was the "Officer" in charge at the Crime Bureau of Investigation. John was known for his intelligent actions taken while cracking any investigation cases. He was smart, quick witted and always on his toes where he smelt crime.

The day had started on a sad note. For the first time in two years he had left his house without kissing Alina on her forehead. But she was all who was on his head. He hated lies and she had lied to him. 

"Green Park" restaurant across the road was famous for continental cuisine. John had almost fainted in hunger. He walked in to the restaurant and ordered for a bread sandwich and a cup of tea. He paid the bill and started to walk out when he could sense some confusion behind him.

"Sir, I am extremely sorry. I forgot my purse. Give me sometime I shall come back and pay the bill", the customer pleaded.
"Sorry Sir we can't let you go", the owner spoke rudely.

John gave a closer look and realised that the customer was the same guy who had saved him the previous day.
"Sirji, what is the bill amount? I shall clear it."He asked the owner.
"Rs. 200 Sir", the owner replied.

"Thank you so much for helping me out", the customer thanked John.
"Sir, don't you remember me. You saved me from going under the wheels of the truck yesterday. This was just a small help i could do for you", John replied calmly.
The customer smiled and stretched his hands forward to wish him, giving his introduction, "This is Arvind. And we have been meeting each other often? No wonder the world is indeed very small"
John smiled, "Hey Arvind!! I am John Mathews" They spoke for a while and parted.

John walked into his cabin and found his lunch box in his table with a small note.

" Please eat your lunch. I am sorry for everything. I don't have words to express how guilty I am. Hope you forgive me soon. Eat well.

Alina. "

John smiled as he read the letter. His love weighed more than his doubt and anger. He left home early that evening and bought her orchids. Alina was all the more happy that everything was fine between them now and the stalker had not troubled her the whole day.

The next day morning she opened the door to find another envelope. Without opening it she took it to John. John opened it and read,

" Alina, don't think I am quiet. I haven't forgotten you. I will come again soon."

Alina was scared but she knew John would take care of everything. John decided to find out who it was.
He reached his office and began with the investigation the save the woman he loved.

It was 6 in the evening and he had not found a clue yet. His mobile rang and he picked it up.

" Sir. I have information that there is a bomb at phoenix mall. I can't give you any more information." before John could say anything the call was cut.

He immediately left with his team to the mall and tried calling Alina to inform her when she didn't answer.

Alina was in her bedroom when John had called. She reached late to answer the call and the call was cut. On trying to call him again, she realised that her phone was dead and current had suddenly gone.

She walked to the kitchen to light a candle and "Dhadham!!!" A loud noise was heard from the bedroom.
Alina slowly and cautiously walked to the bedroom when she started to get the weird smell again. Her body began to perspire.
" I will come again soon ", she remembered the stalkers words.
" Is he back ?" Her thoughts surrounded him.

The smell had become strong by now. He was somewhere close to her. She tried to search ford her mobile but she couldn't find it.
Her pulse raised as the scent became strong. Her leg hit the corner of the bed and she fell with the candle burning out.

" Is this what you are looking for Alina ? " she heard a voice from behind.

There stood a man with a hat on his head holding her mobile in h hand and a candle in his left.

" Who are you ?" Alina screamed.
" Sshhhhhh !!!!Don't scream honey someone may hear", he spoke softly.

She tried to see his face but she couldn't because of the hat. " I have been so eager to meet you " he spoke and came closer to her. She started to move back.

" Wow. It would be nice to have a feast over you", he went close enough so that his lips could touch his.......

To be continued.........


  1. This was an engaging read! Read the earlier posts too...Nice writing Cynthia:)

    1. Thank u so much Rahul. Glad you enjoyed reading.
      Humbled !!!!
      Hope to write more posts that are much better than the ones I have written till now.

      Thanks again.

    2. Thank u so much Rahul. Glad you enjoyed reading.
      Humbled !!!!
      Hope to write more posts that are much better than the ones I have written till now.

      Thanks again.

  2. Wow, great story and buildup -- even better than the previous part! Your writing is getting better with each story.