Monday, February 14, 2011


                                  The recent incidents in our country keep showing the grave reality of INDIA. India no doubt has moved way ahead from being a under developed country to a developing nation. But there are so many issues that tell us that India is way too behind in progress. The rate of crime in our country has taken a massive toll. Women still remain to be the victims of heinous crimes. In the olden days women were ill treated, then India was in the captive of the Britishers. Today, every year we blow the trumpet and awaken into a new year to enjoy our freedom on the 15th of august but we need to stoop and ask ourselves "Are we really free in a free country?" "What is the meaning of independence and freedom to each one of us?" "Do we wake up every morning telling ourselves that we are going to have a great day ahead or can we assure ourselves of it?"

The truth is that our nation is still gravely fighting and the dark deep truth is that India still remains to be backward in being human, in being able to understand our citizens problems. It has closed its ears to justice. India suffers from having a jurisdiction that guarantees justice in a minimum of ten years to a maximum of 'you never know when'. 

I recently watched the movie called 'No one killed Jessica". I must say it is a must watch movie if everything said in the movies is true. It took  11 years for her to get justice. She was shot to death for no reason. The other case was that of priyadharshini mattoo. In her case she was brutally raped and murdered reason 'obsession'. The growth of the IT industry has lead to a rise in the question of safety for women. Although every organisation promises in safegaurding their women employees and provides various tips to be followed for the same, the loop holes have to still be fixed. A recent incident in Chennai, Tambaram left me shaken made me think about this issue over and over again which is the reason for this blog. A 37 year old women, a mother of a small girl was on her way back home in a share auto. The share autos of late have become a daily means of commuting for the people in the city. This women was raped by 3 men which included the auto driver and murdered. All these heinous crimes make us realise that no criminal thinks twice before commiting a crime. The reason is he knows by just swanking a few hundreds of Rupees he can walk free once the public and  the media become cool about the crime and the case. Is there a way to get into the mind of a rapist or a murderer? Does he really do it for pleasure or is he really some kind of a person who needs some mental treatment? Whatever the reasons may hold they end up destroying the life of the victim and leave their families shattered. There has to be a law that must severely punish such perilous criminals which should make each criminal think before he commits a crime.

Dont we the female sex of the society feel uncomfortable when we walk out of the house and find hundreds of eyes of the opposite sex luring us?
While in the crowded bus which we travel to reach our places of work or college dont we get touched by thousand of those creeps who travel in the buses just to perform this as their daily duty?
A lot of questions still remain unanswered and which only time can answer.
I am just a normal girl, a women who wants to wake up every morning and live my dream of living in a free and safe INDIA.

A women plays different roles in our lives. A life without her in any form surely makes a difference in our lives. Treat her with respect and make her feel special thats the best gift you can give her.         


  1. It seems you couldn't hold back your temper with respect to the injustice happening towards Indian women. But yes its nice for a young lady like you to raise up the voice, even then a meaningful outcome will occur only when there is a revolution. Nice keep blogging on social events. Good effort cynty:)

  2. Thank you jenny. Truly me merely raising a voice is not going to change the system only a revolution will help..

  3. very nice topic cynthy!...ur one of the voices that keeps raising da isssue everyday...but some how i feel no matter wat ppl tell u now u should ignore them all ,pretty much tell them to mind their own business and strive to put our own lives career and passion in the proper path and make sure we follow our dreams and not fall for the comments and demotivation!! thanks and keep going!!

  4. @ VaalaRivan: I dont know who you are. But thanks anyway.